5 Things That Keep Your RO Water Purifier Efficient

February 8, 2019
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5 Things That Keep Your RO Water Purifier Effective

RO (Reverse osmosis) is at present the best water purification process available for overall consumers. RO uses on the scientific principle of osmosis, reversing it through a mechanical process. In this blog, we are sharing tips on how to maintain your RO water purifier to keep it effective.

1. Change the RO filters on time:

Ignoring a product’s service and maintenance cycles results in loss of performance over time. Modern water purifiers have up to 8-stage filtration and the filters have a specified life. These filters must to be changed on time to keep the RO running at full efficiency. Here is a simple guide for replacing the most common water purifiers filters found in home and office.

  1. A pre-filter which is used to eliminate large sand and sediment particles prevents the RO membrane inside the main RO unit from getting damaged. It must be replaced every 6 to 9 months to ensure maximum performance.
  2. The carbon filter which is used for eliminating odour and chlorine content from the water should also be replaced every 6 months. If the water supply is comparatively clean, the carbon filter can last up to 9 months as well.
  3. The RO membrane eliminates residual sediments and other dissolved solids from the water filtered by the pre-filter and the carbon filter. The membrane has comparatively longer life and needs to be replaced after 2 years.


2. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Apart from changing the RO filters, the unit should be cleaned by experts periodically. Sanitization of the interiors will confirm that the water storage tanks and the inlets and outlets remain free from insect infestations and other bacterial growths which could occur in warm and humid climates.

3. Installing a Water Softener:

If your home or office area has a hard water problem, installing an RO water softener is recommended. Water softeners protect your RO membrane from hard water elements like calcium and magnesium. Installing a water softener will require expert help and plumbing work.

4. Keeping the Surroundings Clean:

It is not just the interiors of the RO purifier that essential to be cleaned periodically. For effective functioning and reducing the risk of water contamination, you should also maintain hygiene around the main unit. Since maximum water purifiers are used in Kitchens and pantries, there is a high chance of grease accumulating on and around the tap area. Frequently cleaning the tap will prevent bacterial and viral elements from water.

We hope this blog was helpful for you. If you are looking for RO water purifier maintenance and service of your water purifier, you can visit us at www.reliableservices.online or contact at: +91-9414233880 / 9314233880.

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