Our comprehensive range of services for Water Purifier and Chimney

1. RO Water Purifier and Chimney Installation Services

After finalizing the product based on your domestic or commercial requirements, we provide on-site installation services for both Water Purifier Services in Udaipur. RO water Purifiers and Chimney Components in Udaipur. Both of these equipments are needed to be installed with great care and keeping in mind the relative technical aspects to ensure their optimum performance. The height, water flow, outlet factors are necessary to be taken into consideration while installing an RO water purifier. Similarly, the position of a burner, exhaust range, and outlet structure setup are key objectives while mounting a chimney in kitchen or restaurant. Since the size and type of product varies, our team of technical experts makes sure that every product is established in a proper manner to operate in a hassle free manner.

2. RO Water Purifier and Chimney Maintenance Services

Both RO Water Purifier Services in Udaipur and chimneys require proper maintenance from time to time in order to work properly. Their service interval varies on product input-output capacity and nature of work. A domestic RO water purifier normally needs service in a period of 6 months to 1 year whereas an industrial RO water purifier system might need to be checked in short interval of 3 months or less depending on the water intake quality and production output. Similarly, chimneys serving domestic purpose require lesser maintenance in comparison to chimneys in restaurants and hotels kitchen. Our maintenance services are designed as per the manufacturer company’s guidelines which include timely check-up, system cleansing, hardware evaluation, replacement of worn out hardware components etc. All the maintenance work is done by experienced professionals for quick service and long lasting reliability of products. To get in assistance with our maintenance services, call us at +91-9314233880 or drop us a message at reliableservicesudr@gmail.com

3. RO Water Purifier and Chimney Repair services

With time, wear and tear of components and other prevalent factors, both electrical and mechanical devices might face a break down situation. It can happen due to the aging of the product hardware, wrong working environment for product and other internal or external operational factors. For instance, purifying water enriched with a high level of impurities and salt will consume up the filter system more frequently. Operating a chimney in uneven voltage condition can result in improper functioning of the exhaust mechanism. What can be done in these or any other cases where the RO or chimney system comes to halt due to any technical or non-technical issue? In most of the cases, a person chooses from these two conditions:

  • Either replace the existing system with a new one
  • Or seek the help of a professional to fix the problem and make the existing system work again.

Since both RO water purifier and chimney systems work on keeping unwanted elements away, they may face functioning problems after a certain period of time. Both of these machines comprised of hi-tech and sophisticated machinery which needs to be taken care and repaired by experienced technicians only. Our team of professionals is all set to carry out this task for you. Our maintenance and repair personnel are available round the clock in order to work in accordance with your comfort level and compatible timing. After finding out the problem by detailed inspection of the system, the customer is informed about the work needs to be done and parts required to be replaced along with the expenses involved. The repair work is executed only after getting customer’s consent for the same.

4. RO Water Purifier and Chimney Repair AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Getting an AMC services allow one to avail benefits of a combined set of services which generally which includes repair, maintenance, scheduled replacement of parts, installation, etc followed by other AMC package benefits at one go. After requesting for the AMC services, the customer is entitled to avail all the services included in the package till the AMC duration lasts at no extra cost.

Keeping in concern the diversified requirements of customer and nature of every machine, we have designed AMC package after carefully considering the cost and usage factors to provide affordable options for all segments.

5. RO Water Purifier and Chimney Repair Customer Care Services

We are equipped with a dedicated customer care service serving our customers around the clock in order to reduce the turnaround time.  A customer can simple drop a call to report a problem with the machine, process a new order, dispatch of hardware etc. Our experienced call center executives can be reached to address any issue or requirement during working hours at our helpline number +91-9314233880. Once a query is noted down by our customer care executive, the task is forwarded immediately to the concerned department followed by scheduling the process as per customer’s guidelines