Using Bottled Water in Commercial Organization?

June 12, 2019
RO, RO Water purifiers

Using Bottled Water in Commercial Organization. Commercial places such as hotels or organizations need a continuous supply of clean water. To meet the need to pure and safe drinking water, most of the commercial places use bottled water. Bottled water, however, may not be as pure as you think. Plastic bottles contain a lot of toxic chemicals that seep into the water and make it harmful for use. Purchasing bottled water is costly and adds to the operation cost. Considering these facts, it is advisable to switch to a cost-saving alternative- KENT Water Fountain. Read on to find out why KENT Drinking Water Fountain is an ideal appliance for your commercial place.

Why KENT Water Fountain for Commercial Use

Commercial spaces like office, institutes, malls, etc. needs a lot of drinking water and to meet the same, bottled water is not the healthiest choice. Here are some reasons that will explain why KENT Water Fountain is the best alternative to bottled water, which you can choose for your commercial spaces.

  • Get Pure and Safe Water

The bottled water used in most of the commercial places has a number of issues. The quality of water that is stored in the plastic bottle is doubtful. The water that is filled in the plastic bottles may be filled from a nearby unsafe source, without go through any purification process. KENT Water Fountain uses a 3-stage purification process of RO+UF+TDS Control System to eliminate contaminants from water and make it safe for use.

  • Easy on your Pocket

Buying bottled water on a daily basis is costly. You not only need to pay for the bottled water but also need a single member to monitor the water supply. They need to track the number of bottles needed, monitor how many bottles of water are left and estimate the number of bottles needed for the next day. Installing a water fountain will save you from these troubles and help your business save approximately 30-70% expenditure.

  • Get Germ-Free Chilled Water

The chilled water from dispensers may not be free of contaminations. This is the reason why KENT Water Fountain uses a Next-Gen technology of Inline cooling system along with Ice Bath. This unique feature provides chilled water in an instant. The chilled water is also free of impurity as the purified water is stored in a sealed hydrostatic tank. The purified water doesn’t come in contact with air during the cooling process, thereby keeping it hygienic.

  • Ideal for Multiple Uses

Commercial organizations such as showrooms, restaurants, institutions or offices requirement water for a number of other purposes such as making beverages or ice. KENT Drinking Water Fountain supplies both normal as well as cold water to meet your diversified needs.  You can simply use purified water from the appliance to prepare iced tea or any other cold beverages.

The Bottom Line

Installing a KENT Drinking Water Fountain is a clever move for commercial organizations that experience a lot of footfall. The commercial water purifier not only delivers purified water but also saves cost.  The high purification capacity of the water purifier guarantees that you never run out of pure water, even during peak hours.

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