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Reliable Services is a buyer-centric marketplace to discover a wide variety of Water purifiers and treatment plants, Exhaust systems (Chimney) and other home appliances by leading national and international brands available in our country.

KENT RO Service in Udaipur The city of Udaipur is a beautiful assortment of cultural and corporate diversity which is reflected in our kitchens also. To keep this diversity intact and free from contamination, we have brought best in class water purification and exhaust systems meeting up all your needs on a single platform. Reliable Services is a unique establishment to cater your healthy kitchen needs.

We aim to connect local customers directly with the global brands resulting into reduction of costs by removing middlemen and simultaneously help these organizations to create/promote their brand and products. We believe that this approach will not only help international brands to set up their store in Udaipur but also help customers to discover and buy products which were not commonly available previously.

Over the past 9 years, Reliable Services is bringing the latest products and technologies to Udaipur’s kitchens. We offer the widest and best in class range of RO water purifier, chimney systems, home improvement products and many more. As a leading player of the industry, Reliable Service is determined to bring an enjoyable and hassle-free homemaking experience to all its valuable customers with varying lifestyles and preferences.

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At Reliable Services, we understand very well that add-on services are very important to regulate the same water purity level. That’s why we offer one stop sales, AMC, maintenance and installation services to cater domestic as well as commercial requirements. We also provide product demonstration facilities to our customer to help them understand the product in a better manner. As an experienced player in the RO water purifier market, we are a leading supplier of RO systems of numerous brands. You can contact our customer care team at +91-9314233880 to make an inquiry, book a demo or request for service etc. Our representative will visit you as per your shortest convenience. Read more

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